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As far as warranties go, none of the direct-order mattress makers, save BedInABox, have been in business long enough for anyone to run out their products’ 10-year warranties. Leesa claims that the custom Avena foam on top of its mattress provides greater durability than standard latex foam. Consumer Reports’s simulated eight-year testing of firmness, sag, and damage bears out this claim, as the Leesa “performed excellent, showing no signs of changes in performance.” We will watch this mattress as more people come to own it over time, but it shows promise for a long life. Leesa also claims that its mattress supports 800 pounds total. That’s slightly less than Tuft & Needle’s 1,000-pound limit (Casper’s newest mattress claims to not have a weight limit , but a different feel depending on weight).

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Where i can buy easy paper

where i can buy easy paper


where i can buy easy paperwhere i can buy easy paperwhere i can buy easy paperwhere i can buy easy paper