Thesis equity research

Simon Fraser University offers several comprehensive and innovative programs in Gerontology -- the multidisciplinary study of physical, social and psychological aspects of aging and older adults. At the graduate level, we have rigorous substantive and research methods curriculum in the MA and PhD programs. The MA program offers students options of a thesis or capstone project, as well as Internship opportunities, and the PhD affords advanced gerontological training. Our Post Baccalaureate Diploma program provides tailored curriculum for individuals intending to gain coursework-based educational training in gerontology. The Minor in Gerontology option is an opportunity for students to supplement their major area of study in this important and expanding field.   (Learn more...)

Laidlaw Capital Markets focuses exclusively on healthcare, giving our research analysts the focus and foresight to know what our clients care about. Our Research Department consists of highly skilled professionals whose timely, insightful, and targeted research is a core strength of the firm. Our analysts pride themselves on their ability to identify compelling investment opportunities for our clients by discovering high-quality, undervalued healthcare companies before they are recognized by the broader market. Our analysts’ in-depth expertise and strong industry relationships enable them to remain at the forefront of the market trends impacting the companies they follow. By clearly and effectively presenting their investment ideas, while also evaluating expectations for both performance and risk, the firm’s research professionals help investors make sound decisions in today’s volatile markets.

Thesis equity research

thesis equity research


thesis equity researchthesis equity researchthesis equity researchthesis equity research