Thesis dangerious goods africa

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Mr. Sach's vision of Iran as being essentially a US ally in the making, rather than the "point of the spear of terrorism" as the Saudis have put it (and the Israelis, and the Egyptians, and a number of oher allies of the US, using perhaps less flowery language) hinges on the fact that ISIS is not BF wth Iran, and therefore represent a useful auxiliary in the combat against the terrorist entity, supported by Qatar, and to an extent Turkey who are both closely alligned, if not allies with Iran. I would venture to suggest that Iran's policy of building a nuclear weapon, and an appropriate delivery system, effort closely linked with that of North Korea, whose program is described in some quaters are being partly financed by Iran, makes it a far far more dangerous player than ISIS terrorists mixing chemicals in a bathtub in Brussels. The advantage of "being on the same side with Iran on ISIS" is insignificant compared to the nuke programme, whatever the satisfacit that former President Obama expressed in transferring "pallets of cash" (love the theatricality of those pallets, so very Scarface). I therefore reject the Author's entire argument as being untenable, and pandering to the craven "let's find excuses for everyone so we won't need ever to take a moral position, even in our own defence" view. So sorry.

Thesis dangerious goods africa

thesis dangerious goods africa


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