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6-8 pages per project isn’t necessarily too long, it just depends on how much information you have provided on those pages (along with how large those pages are physically). One thing you’ll notice in the portfolio above is that each page is fairly reserved with the amount of “message” being delivered. I also don’t have particularly strong feelings about the length of portfolios since they are typically digital now and I am reviewing them in privacy (meaning, you aren’t there while I go through them). The main consideration with including too much is that for most people, all of their work isn’t amazing. Part of the curating process is to make sure that you are only showing your best work.

One of the more striking aspects of the DSP experience was the way that the Naked Objects technique permitted re-use very actively. Once a domain object, such as a Customer, had been defined for one 'application' it could be (has been) readily adapted with the minimum of tweaking and addition for use elsewhere. This suggests that the approach could become a favourite in government circles, where re-use is seen as a powerful technique for breaking down siloed systems. The UK 'Transformational Government' policy is particularly keen to see re-use become a standard requirement of new government systems, both consuming other governmental system components and making new ones available for others to use. This re-use is often seen in terms of services, but objects could be an equally powerful approach.

Will be composed of two parts. The first one is a 260 hour project work during which the partecipants will do a post-occupancy evaluation of one or more buildings or public areas belonging or not to the society they come from, each of them dealing with their own setting. This investigation will be carried out through in situ studies, interviews to users, focus groups, and photos, after a 15 hour lesson to arrange the final dissertation. The aim is to take control of the instruments given by the Master. The second part of 100 hours will be necessary to write the final dissertation. 

Thesis architectural

thesis architectural


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