Thesis about internet banking

Weak thesis statements are too broad or general.  Examples of weak thesis statements are below:

               Weak Thesis A : The fall of the Ottoman Empire was bad.
How to improve: The fall of the Ottoman Empire had a negative effect on the other countries in the region.
               Weak Thesis B : The internet has been very useful for the economy.
How to improve: The internet has been useful for the improvement of the US economy because of its ability to expand the commerce and spur entrepreneurship.

The basis for conceptualizing the technology of food dehydration process’ inclusion in the high school curriculum and in the vocational course offering is to provide an option window for secondary level students to acquire skills and knowledge aside from the basics taught in the other subjects that can lead to a path to entrepreneurship and income generation. Prior to the revision of the basic secondary curriculum, the focus was preparing students for higher education less in knowledge base which required critical thinking skills rather than occupational learning.

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Thesis about internet banking

thesis about internet banking


thesis about internet bankingthesis about internet bankingthesis about internet bankingthesis about internet banking