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Nostalgia for Park Chung-hee has been a mainstay in Korean political life since the 1990s. This could not have been foreseen in 1979, when he was assassinated by his own intelligence chief in the midst of widening popular demonstrations against his rule. Park Chung-hee, an army general who seized power in a military coup in 1961, had over time established an authoritarian political and economic system with a strong military cast. The state managed the economy in coordination with a small number of selected business conglomerates, or chaebol , and built an extensive disciplinary and surveillance apparatus to ensure popular participation in, or at least compliance with, state projects. At the center of this apparatus was the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (

In the season five (2001) episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Cartman is tricked into buying the pubic hair of local eighth-grader named Scott Tenorman for $. He then successfully executes an elaborate scheme to publicly humiliate Scott in front of his favorite band Radiohead , by getting Scott's parents killed and then tricking Scott into eating them. [38] The show's writers debated during production of the episode whether or not the incident would be "a step too far, even for Cartman". [9] Parker felt that the act could sufficiently be the culmination of Cartman's sociopathic behavior, and would "[set] a new bar" by portraying Cartman as being capable of performing anything short of murder. [9] [39] [40] [41] [42] Fans reacted by ranking it as Cartman's "greatest moment" in a 2005 poll on Comedy Central 's website. [43] It is later revealed in the season fourteen episode " 201 " that Jack Tenorman, Scott's father, was a football player for the Denver Broncos and Cartman's father. Dr. Alphonse Mephesto also admits that he lied about Cartman's mother being a hermaphrodite . [44]

South park essays

south park essays


south park essayssouth park essayssouth park essayssouth park essays