Sleep deprivation essay

I am doing a research paper on teens doing too much and I myself am having the same issue. I am an eighth grader in California and I am in advanced classes and I have been losing sleep due to mass amounts of homework and participating in multiple activities. I seem to have no time to just relax and be a kid. I stay up until 11 PM most nights finishing work and have had to stay up until 1:15 AM before. I only receive about 6-7 hours of sleep every night. I don’t procrastinate and am a pretty quick worker. I have also been getting pretty severe headaches frequently and I read that it is a cause of not sleeping enough. I am also having a much harder time concentrating. Do you have any tips because I am really just done with being tired and not being able to perform up to my full potential.?

hey im in 8th grade and im doing a project about this. uhm okay i sleep really late like around 5 am. then wake up at 7 for school. im doing a project on this cause maybe on my way of doing it i can realize something very important that im missing! at school i just start acting lazy meaning not wanting to do my school work and getting behind my clsses. and im not usaully that kind of person i use to get all my things done in time but now everything is falling apart! so i was wondering if sleeping is affecting my daily acedemics and routines in my life? ... CeeCee, 23 September 2006

Sleep deprivation essay

sleep deprivation essay


sleep deprivation essaysleep deprivation essaysleep deprivation essaysleep deprivation essay