Propaganda thesis statement

In 1921, the famous American journalist Walter Lippmann said that the art of democracy requires what he called the manufacture of consent. This phrase is an Orwellian euphemism for thought control. The idea is that in a state such as the . where the government can’t control the people by force, it had better control what they think. The Soviet Union is at the opposite end of the spectrum from us in its domestic freedoms. It’s essentially a country run by the bludgeon. It’s very easy to determine what propaganda is in the USSR: what the state produces is propaganda.

Thirdly, Zuckerberg has a real point when she says it’s worth thinking critically about concepts like “foundations”, “culture” and what is “Western”. It’s a viewpoint that isn’t that hard to find elaborated upon elsewhere. Part of it goes like this: (1) We (people of European descent) are only the inheritors of Classical ideas because of the preservation of the vast bulk of them by Muslim scholars during the Dark Ages (an episode that is apparently forgotten in most people’s inventories of the Western intellectual endowment; and (2) without the recovery of Aristotle and others, you’d have no Aquinas, no Renaissance, and the arrival of the Enlightenment would have been doubtful. Now you can disagree with any or all of that, but it is a real argument and it’s not one that the author of this piece even bothers to articulate, let alone engage with. He just makes fun of the quote without bothering to understand the point it is making.

Propaganda thesis statement

propaganda thesis statement


propaganda thesis statementpropaganda thesis statementpropaganda thesis statementpropaganda thesis statement