Professionally bound thesis

1. The final steps involve covering the inside of the book, on the front and back inside covers. I have printed out something on these pages, however you can keep this blank. The page should be A5 wide and about 50mm longer, so that it can be glued to the grey card cover. Line up the inside page with the front corner pages of the book, crease where this page meets the cover.

2. Place a piece of masking tape on the underside of the crease. This will make this area stronger.

3. Use contact adhesive and glue the card to the cover section.

4. Glue only a small part of the white card to the book. You will only really need to cover the masking tape. Crease here also if necessary, so that the page folds up easy.

5. Glue another piece of card to finally cover the grey card. This card will hide the edges of the covering on the underside of the cover and the white card flap just placed. Ensure the card is about 5-10mm from the cover edges, or to match the A5 width.

6. Repeat for the backside.

7. The book is now finished. Allow it to dry before you show off the masterpiece to friends and family!

Professionally bound thesis

professionally bound thesis


professionally bound thesisprofessionally bound thesisprofessionally bound thesisprofessionally bound thesis