Master thesis behavioral finance

A . in Behavioral Science is research-based and introduces students to advanced study in behavior analysis. Some Doctor of Philosophy programs in the field have a public health option while others are more focused on applied behavioral science. Core courses emphasize the foundations of behavioral science and cover common approaches to research and experiment design. Some elective courses are also required, but a majority of a student's residence is spent on the completion and defense of a dissertation. Some possible courses include:

Brenda Hightshoe, ., LPCC earned her Master's Degree in 2010 from Adler Graduate School and has worked with us for nearly 10 years. She has experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults with anxiety disorders, depression disorders, eating disorders, relationship issues, and emotional/behavior issues. "Therapy is not a one size fits all approach. I have a gentle and kind approach to therapy that incorporates cognitive behavior therapy, psychoeducation, and a mindfulness approach. I incorporate cognitive behavior therapy to help work on identifying irrational thoughts, refuting them, and changing unproductive behaviors to productive behaviors through techniques such as modeling, role play, and homework exercises. I also have experience using biofeedback and neurotherapy for a variety of symptoms. I strive to help others find balance in their life, insight into their problems, and courage to take them on."

The MSSIS program requires the completion of either an Experimental Research Project or a Master’s Thesis, each of which carries six hours of course work. Those students planning to do Research Project should register for SIS 690, while those planning to complete the Master’s Thesis should register for SIS 700. The Experimental Research Project provides the student with an opportunity to conduct security and intelligence-related research in an area of the physical or behavioral sciences. The Master’s Thesis is a more traditional approach and normally requires library or archival or survey research. The general requirements for both SIS 690 and SIS 700 are the same in three areas. First, the project or thesis must present an original approach to its topic, whether in the collection or analysis of data, and in its conclusions. Second, the graduate student will be required to present and defend his or her thesis in a public presentation open to faculty, students, and the interested public. Third, the work should be suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.

Master thesis behavioral finance

master thesis behavioral finance


master thesis behavioral financemaster thesis behavioral financemaster thesis behavioral financemaster thesis behavioral finance