Korean war photo essay

Doing so will not be risk free, however. Accidents, misperceptions, and volatile leaders could all too easily cause disaster. The Cold War offers important lessons in how to reduce these risks by practicing containment and deterrence wisely. But officials in the Pentagon and the White House face a new and unprecedented challenge: they must deter North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while also preventing . President Donald Trump from bumbling into war. military leaders should make plain to their political superiors and the American public that any . first strike on North Korea would result in a devastating loss of American and South Korean lives. And civilian leaders must convince Kim that the United States will not attempt to overthrow his regime unless he begins a war. If the . civilian and military leaderships perform these tasks well, the same approach that prevented nuclear catastrophe during the Cold War

Korean war photo essay

korean war photo essay


korean war photo essaykorean war photo essaykorean war photo essaykorean war photo essay