Is it so hard to write a essay

And the tropes he needs to embrace include all the classic superhero things like Damsels in Distress. Make it tongue-in-cheek ala Disney’s “Hercules”, if that’s what you need to sleep at night, but the romantic element is basically half the Superman mythos and appeal. Also, the whole “Clark -> Lois -> Superman” romance thing was one of the most integral parts of Superman’s mythos, and it’s utterly baffling (or rather - unfortunate) that it’s been skewdified into irrelevance. If you punch out Mongul in a forest, but no dame’s around to see it, does it even matter?

My methods can’t be summarized because they’re organic and vary enormously from review to review. Some articles essentially write themselves: Some connection is made, some inspiration found, some metaphor dictates the flow, and the whole emerges fundamentally in its final form in anything from 20 to 40 minutes (that’s for a 900-word article, and I’m not a fast typist). Others are grueling: I need to seek half a dozen sources to cite and from which to add images, the information I’m presenting has to be checked and cross-checked with sources on both sides of the issue, and the resulting 3,000-word draft article must then be condensed to fit the space available; in such cases, an article may require several hours, but the result is often of such worth that those who read it are moved to commend my efforts, and — for me, anyway — that is enough to justify them.

Is it so hard to write a essay

is it so hard to write a essay


is it so hard to write a essayis it so hard to write a essayis it so hard to write a essayis it so hard to write a essay