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Statutes Federal and state statutes, municipal ordinances, and administrative regulations govern all kinds of conduct and frequently impose standards of conduct to be observed. For example, the law prohibits driving through a red traffic light at an intersection. A plaintiff injured by a defendant who ignored a red light can introduce the defendant's violation of the statute as evidence that the defendant acted negligently. However, a plaintiff's evidence that the defendant violated a statute does not always establish that the defendant acted unreasonably. The statute that was violated must have been intended to protect against the particular hazard or type of harm that caused injury to the plaintiff.

Inflation is one of the primary reasons that people invest in the first place. Just as the pack of gum that costs a dollar will cost $ in a year, assuming 2% inflation, a savings account that was worth $1,000 would be worth $ after 5 years, and $ after 10 years, assuming that you earn no interest on the deposit. Stuffing cash into a mattress, or buying a tangible asset like gold, may make sense to people who live in unstable economies or who lack legal recourse. However, for those who can trust that their money will be reasonably safe if they make prudent equity or bond investments, this is arguably the way to go.

In other cases, common properties that are expressed in CSS2 as one property with multiple simultaneous values, were split into several new properties to provide independent control over independent aspects of the property. For example, the "white-space" property was split into four properties: a "white-space-treatment" property that controls how white space is processed, a "linefeed-treatment" property that controls how line feeds are processed, a "white-space-collapse" property that controls how multiple consecutive spaces are collapsed, and a "wrap-option" property that controls whether lines are automatically wrapped when they encounter a boundary, such as the edge of a column. The effect of splitting a property into two or more (sub-)properties is to make the equivalent existing CSS2 property a "shorthand" for the set of sub-properties it subsumes.

How to end a definition essay

how to end a definition essay


how to end a definition essayhow to end a definition essayhow to end a definition essayhow to end a definition essay