Help with a resume

The article is very good although there is one thing that i found is wrong..”Your resume should not be more than 3 pages”.If you are saying that the recruiter has 20-30 seconds to go through the resume how will he read a 3 page i have read & listened from indutry people who hire is:”You resume should not be more than 2 you have experience then no need to mention your educational are not essential part for an experienced guy is his roles & responsibilties & technjcal skills.” All other things are really very well written.

A professionally written resume and cover letter is perhaps the most important factor in your search for employment. Whether you are unemployed, or seeking new employment, our tailor-made resumes and cover letters have proven to be a highly powerful tool, and extremely successful. An unprofessional resume and cover letter lacks appeal, and will dramatically undersell your credentials. We work with clients to learn about their professional history, and understand their career goals going forward. Armed with this information, we are able to create an innovative and sophisticated resume and cover letter for you. Our demonstrated history of success, makes us an industry leader in the resume and cover letter business. Let us help you resume your career, and pick up where you left off.

Help with a resume

help with a resume


help with a resumehelp with a resumehelp with a resumehelp with a resume