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In his recent paper, Sherk (2015) critiques the Gould and Shierholz (2011) methods. Since this paper serves as an update to their methods, we use the most recent data presented here to test some of his criticisms. Primarily, we defend our methods against the idiosyncratic empirical model choices Sherk (2015) uses. Secondarily, we explore some suggestions Sherk (2015) makes regarding the cost-of-living methodology to control for possible measurement error. As shown in Table 3 , and as will be discussed in detail below, in all cases we find that his suggestions do not change, in a statistically or economically significant way, the estimated RTW wage differential. (All of the models in Table 3 should be compared against the final model in Table 2. Full regression results are reported in Appendix Table A2.)

Have a research paper due tomorrow

have a research paper due tomorrow


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