Essays warren buffett cunningham

Hi Rulers I have a question.
When I start looking for undervalued stocks, why shouldn’t I first filter stock that the P/B is low and then from there look for companies I know and understand (I know I don’t understand in oil drilling, biotechnology and technology as a whole)? From there I have a head start in knowing what may be a possible investment. If I do it opposite and first look for what I like and then check the basics I will have to go through much more stocks for no real reason.
What do you say and maybe share some tips on where you start when looking undervalued company.

By the late '70s his reputation had grown to the point that the rumor Warren Buffett was buying a stock was enough to shoot its price up 10%. Berkshire Hathaway's stock was trading at more than $290 a share, and Buffett's personal wealth was almost $140 million. This promoted him to start investing into his personal life. After the seventies the company grew increasing in value. The only bump in the road began in 1987. When this period in time was over Buffett began investing in coke like an addict. By 1989 the company was trading at more than 8,000 dollars a share. Within the next ten years he grew to be worth ten times that amount.

Essays warren buffett cunningham

essays warren buffett cunningham


essays warren buffett cunninghamessays warren buffett cunninghamessays warren buffett cunninghamessays warren buffett cunningham