Essays in pragmatism william james

Going for Growth builds on OECD expertise on structural policy reforms and economic performance to provide policy makers with a set of concrete recommendations on reform areas identified as priorities for strong and inclusive growth. The priorities broadly cover product and labour market regulation, education and training, tax and transfer systems, trade and investment rules, as well as innovation policies. The Going for Growth framework has been instrumental in helping G20 countries make progress on their structural reform agenda, including through monitoring their growth strategies to achieve sustained and balanced growth.

It is high time to urge the use of a little imagination in philosophy. The unwillingness of some of our critics to read any but the silliest of possible meanings into our statements is as discreditable to their imaginations as anything I know in recent philosophic history. Schiller says the truth is that which "works." Thereupon he is treated as one who limits verification to the lowest material utilities. Dewey says truth is what gives "satisfaction"! He is treated as one who believes in calling everything true which, if it were true, would be pleasant. (James 1907, p. 90)

General Editor, Cass Library of Science Classics, 1965-70
General Council, British Society for the History of Science, 1967-69
Executive Committee, British Society for Philosophy of Science, 1968-69
Founder and Editor, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 1969-74
Consultant, Centro Superiore de Logica e Scienze Comparate (Bologna), 1972-present
. delegate from National Research Council to IUHPS (Bucharest), 1975
Organizing Committee, Hunt Workshops in the History of Science, 1972-74 (Chairman, 1974)
Editorial Boards of 18th-Century Life, 1974-80; Philosophy of Science, 1976-91, 1994-present; Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 1969-74, 1977-present; American Philosophical Quarterly, 1977-82; Cadernos, 1977-present; Knowledge, 1982-87; History of Philosophy Quarterly, 1985-88; Knowledge in Society, 1987-present; Theoria, 1995-present
Editor for philosophy and history of science, Encyclopedia Americana, 1967-present
General Editor, Pittsburgh Series in Philosophy and History of Science (published by University of California Press), 1977-84
Program Committee, Philosophy of Science Association, 1980, 1988
Program Committee, American Philosophical Association, 1987-90
President & Vice-President, American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division), 1993-95


Danforth, Woodrow Wilson, NSF Fellowships, 1962-65
Fulbright Scholar (Cambridge University), 1964-65
Royal Society of London Grant-in-Aid, 1966-67
ACLS Faculty Research Grants, 1967-68; 1972
NSF Faculty Research Grants, 1972-74; 1976-78; 1986-88
Center for International Studies Grant, 1976
Fulbright Senior Research Fellow (Munich, Konstanz), 1976
Fulbright Scholar (Melbourne), 1984
NSF/NEH Sustained Development Scholar, Virginia Tech, 1981-85
Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers, 1985 [Topic: "Agreement & Disagreement in Science"]
Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers, 1989 [Topic: "Naturalistic Epistemology"]
NEH and . Mellon Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1992-93
NEH Faculty Research Grant, 1993-95
Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers, 1994 [Topic: "Concepts of Evidence"]
Fellow, Burndy Institute, 1997

Essays in pragmatism william james

essays in pragmatism william james


essays in pragmatism william jamesessays in pragmatism william jamesessays in pragmatism william jamesessays in pragmatism william james