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Honestly, we will never have an open dialogue on race in America because there is a culture of denial that goes way back to the building of the pyramid by Hotep and the discovery that all humans come from “Lucy”who was found in Africa. The Olmec features are distinctly African and so are the features of the pharaohs and queens of the Nile. These historic truths have been largely ignored or distorted to make real African people think that they are of no value or have no significant contribution to civilization. The opposite is true but not taught in European or American schools or churches. Religion takes the hearts and spirit of a people and makes their captivity seem spiritually correct. In fact, scripture seems to support slavery as an honorable situation to find one’s self in during colonial Times. This is and was brainwashing at its best. Notwithstanding the fact that in Europe and some South American countries they still worship the Black Madonna and Black Holy Infant who have black skin and wooly hair…We just weren’t taught our history but were taught HIStory! It begins with us teaching our youth at home the facts because I doubt they will ever be taught the truth in school. We need to learn ourselves that some of the things we thought we know aren’t the truth. The truth will set you free! Just don’t rely on others to tell you the whole truth unless it benefits them

She told me he continued playing the piano and making notes for about half an hour, then went upstairs to his study, telling her that he did not wish to be disturbed, and remained there for two weeks. "Each day I sent him up his meals," she said, "and in the evening he would walk a little for exercise, then return to his work again. Eventually," she said, "he came down from his study looking very pale. "That's it," he told me, wearily putting two sheets of paper on the table. And that was his theory of relativity."

As the child of a military officer, whose job moved us around the world, I was fortunate to live in Central and South America most of my life. I was immersed in the language and environment where I lived and learned to speak Spanish. Because I had the opportunity to live overseas, I found a life full of adventure and culture stimulation. Early in life I learned that our global society was not as large as many people believe. This has turned me into a creative, energetic person who likes to think outside of the box and be a creative problem solver.

Essays by albert einstein

essays by albert einstein


essays by albert einsteinessays by albert einsteinessays by albert einsteinessays by albert einstein