Essays about tattoos and piercings

“For God made man fair in beauty and outward appearance, but the pagans by devilish prompting have superimposed most hideous cicatrices, as Prudentius says, ‘He coloured the innocent earth with dirty spots.’ For he clearly does injury to the Lord who defiles and disfigures his creature. Certainly, if anyone were to undergo this injury of staining for the sake of God, he would receive great reward for it. But if anyone does it from the superstitions of the pagans, it will not contribute to his salvation any more than does circumcision of the body to the Jews without belief of heart.”

Beefcake poses by male actors were used far less frequently than cheesecake layouts of actresses. Nevertheless, as early as the 1920s photographs were taken of such stars as Rudolph Valentino and Ramón Novarro to highlight their physical appeal. Male physique shots of famous stars were even less frequent during the early talking picture era outside of stars of jungle films such as Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) and Buster Crabbe . The 1940s saw a rise in shirtless shots of such handsome stars as Tyrone Power , Guy Madison , Sterling Hayden and Victor Mature ; and in the 1950s movie magazines began running swimsuit shots of actors such as Tony Curtis , Rock Hudson , Tab Hunter , Jeff Chandler , Robert Conrad and Robert Wagner almost as frequently as they did with actresses. This period also included the rise of bodybuilding magazines, which continue to be popular to the present day, as well as musclemen movie stars such as Steve Reeves who were often barely dressed in their action/adventure films.

Essays about tattoos and piercings

essays about tattoos and piercings


essays about tattoos and piercingsessays about tattoos and piercingsessays about tattoos and piercingsessays about tattoos and piercings