Essay on type 2 diabetes mellitus

In the fall of 2011 the Sanofi Pasteur plant flooded causing problems with mold. [95] The facility, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, produced BCG vaccine products, made with the Glaxo 1077 strain, [96] such as a tuberculosis vaccine ImmuCYST, a BCG Immunotherapeutic -a bladder cancer drug. By April 2012 the FDA had found dozens of documented problems with sterility at the plant including mold, nesting birds and rusted electrical conduits. [95] The resulting closure of the plant for over two years resulting in shortages of bladder cancer and tuberculosis vaccines. [97] The Toronto Sanofi plant [98] On October 29, 2014 Health Canada gave the permission for Sanofi to resume production of BCG. [99]

Ideally a good endocrinologist or clinician will test for C-peptide levels the moment (s)he is confronted with a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. The proinsulin precursor to insulin produced by your beta cells is composed of three parts: two insulin side chains, named A and B, and a peptide holding the two together known as C. Once the proinsulin is enzymatically degraded by the beta cells and its constituent parts released into serum to do their job, it splits off into three separate parts leaving the C-peptide as an accurate marker of just how much insulin the diabetic body is producing. Taking a baseline reading at the beginning of treatment establishes the pancreas' level of health insofar as it reflects its remaining capacity to produce insulin. Instead of blindly throwing synthetically produced insulin at the problem (which through a negative feedback loop may cause beta cell regeneration to flounder, or cause further atrophy of those cells) a bare minimum of insulin should be used while encouraging the diabetic pancreas to come back on line with more of its own production.  Also, natural substances could be used that protect the remaining beta cells from further degeneration.

Moreover, the form of insulin being passed on as "bioidentical" with misleading names like Humulin and Humolog is a byproduct of recombinant DNA technology. All prescribed forms on the market, including Lantus, come from GMO E. coli bacteria which produce a form which is not as compatible with the human body as the once universally available bovine or porcine forms. Access to glandular extracts have been barred in the US mostly due to drug company pressures (You can order these animal forms from Canada over the internet). If the drug companies and their enforcers (FDA) have their way, all bio-identicals and/or animal glandulars will be made illegal or unavailable in the future, including Armour thyroid in favor of levothyroxine .

Ultimately, type 1 diabetes can be prevented. Even after there is established damage to the pancreas, much of the damage can be reversed. These words may be heretical to the conventional medical establishment, but absolutely rudimentary from the perspective of basic biology and enlightened nutrition

Essay on type 2 diabetes mellitus

essay on type 2 diabetes mellitus


essay on type 2 diabetes mellitusessay on type 2 diabetes mellitusessay on type 2 diabetes mellitusessay on type 2 diabetes mellitus