Essay on mobiles phones

In my opinion, the reasons why currently parents are becoming less close with their children are:
1. The pressure comes from social competences in modern society, people need to work hard to live, so that they have less leisure time than before to stay with their children.
2. With the fast developing of education system, people now have more opportunities than before to enrol into the higher education such as college and university, those institutions need students to study far from their hometown, thus children has less chances to live with their parents. (This reason might not appropriate? Can those colleges students still be called 'children'?)
3. Might due to the modern communication techniques? Such as E-mail, mobiles, and video chatting, children doesn't need to be as close to their parents as before to enable the family links. For example, rather than come to home, lots of teenagers who live in different cities with their parents prefer to keep contact with their parents using internet, such as Skype or MSN.

However, there are people questioning the effectiveness of mobile phones on curbing danger. Schools are generally safe for children and have payphones available when urgent communication is needed. Furthermore, allowing children to carry expensive gadgets might in fact make them vulnerable to danger. Some parents might also take the ease of communication for granted by allowing their children too much freedom. Young children are not supposed to be allowed to travel without the supervision of adults, be it teachers or parents. Giving them a mobile phone does not make them more protected.

Although, there are grave negative impacts of using cell phones during driving it is pertinent, for the sake of arguments, to present benefits also. The most important benefit of cell phones during driving is again the security factor. During emergency situations cell phones can provide help and driver can make emergency calls, even reporting any dangerous scenario such as roadside accidents. Through cell phones a driver can locate the desired route. Furthermore, using FMs on cell phones can provide information about weather and traffic. (Sturnguist, 2006)

Essay on mobiles phones

essay on mobiles phones


essay on mobiles phonesessay on mobiles phonesessay on mobiles phonesessay on mobiles phones