Essay on library in sanskrit

I was only five years old when my mother took me to a library in Boriwali. The moment, I stepped inside the library, I was amazed to see hundreds of the books which were kept in racks. First, my mother issued a book for her from her section. Her book was issued by a girl through computer entry. Then my mother took me to the kid’s section. Kid’s section was full of books for children. There were story books, poem books, general knowledge books and comics too. All books were colourful and had many pictures too. These books were kept in to small shelves so we could reach there easily. I took a story book for me and my mother helped me to read it. There was a toys room for small kids. Some of the children were playing there. Later my mother asked me to choose some books from racks that later I could read it at home too. I enjoyed a lot to visit library as it is full of fun with knowledge.

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Essay on library in sanskrit

essay on library in sanskrit


essay on library in sanskritessay on library in sanskritessay on library in sanskritessay on library in sanskrit