Enzyme coursework level

An exercise physiologist must have CPR certification and may choose to obtain professional certification through the ASCM. The ACSM's Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist credential requires that an individual have a master's degree, CPR certification and 6000 hours of supervised professional experience. Some careers require that individuals obtain licensure. For example, physical therapists must obtain a license before they are allowed to practice. While licensure requirements may vary depending on location, physical therapists must pass the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) ( ). The 250-multiple choice question exam covers topics, such as procedures to keep the client and therapist safe, and diagnosis tools and techniques.

BIOL 472. Human Evolutionary Behavior (3); Sp, 3 yr cycle
This course intends to familiarize students with evolutionary forces that shape human behavior. This emergent field deals with evolutionary interpretation of human behavior including, group living, mating preference, kin and sexual conflicts, and habitat preference. Students are expected to understand and incorporate principles of evolutionary thinking in designing scientific questions and testable hypothesis about human behavior. This course is also called Evolutionary Psychology in other universities. Prerequisite: BIO 313 or permission of the instructor.

Enzyme coursework level

enzyme coursework level


enzyme coursework levelenzyme coursework levelenzyme coursework levelenzyme coursework level