Dna profiling essay

The database of DNA is now one of the mandatory requirements in majority of countries for legal issues for criminal cases. Such database is used by forensic agencies to help the police in support of current and future criminal investigations, requires legislative authorization, financial support and judicial endorsement. The real benefit of the database depends upon the range of its usage and the extent to which operational policing strategies respond to the intelligence opportunities it provides. In few countries like United Kingdom, there is great demand for its inclusion, broadening of its scope of intelligence as contribution to detection and prosecution of offenders. Number of studies confirms that DNA evidence is rarely crucial at the trial. The main value of DNA profiling is in the earlier stages of an investigation, before the trial. It is a powerful investigative tool for excluding people falsely suspected of involvement in a crime. It can provide very strong evidence of involvement, and this is often enough to induce the defendant to plead guilty, or to fight the case on consent. It has become standard technique in criminal investigation as the results can be from any source of biological material provided it contains nucleated cells with genomic DNA. Future of DNA profile will be used in genetic engineering for cure of large number of hereditary diseases.

Dna profiling essay

dna profiling essay


dna profiling essaydna profiling essaydna profiling essaydna profiling essay