Deaf and dumb essay

There are about 50 work phrases that I wish people would stop using; flesh it out, thinking out of the box, low-hanging fruit, out-of-pocket, let's circle back...I also key on the word 'like' as in "You know, like, I was here and, like, he said, and then I was like... It annoys me to the point that I can't even hear what you're trying to say to me. Then there is the person who uses phrases that they think are still 'in' but they've been 'out' for over a decade: "That cake was "da bomb" or "I like lots of bling-bling." Finally, there are those that think texting vernacular should be used in official mail, or even worse, in spoken conversation. "LOL, OMG or ROFLMAO.'

To get someone’s attention, Deaf people might tap someone on the shoulder. Or, they might bang or tap on a table so that the vibrations cause everyone at the table to look toward the source of the vibrations. In a large group or classroom setting, flashing the lights off and on is a common way to get everyone’s attention. It’s rude to wave your hands right in front of a Deaf person’s face to get their attention. Just gently tap them on the shoulder instead. It’s ok to wave your hand, though, if you’re too far away for a shoulder tap. Here are some commons mistakes hearing people make when trying to get a Deaf person's attention. These are generally considered inappropriate or even rude.

Deaf and dumb essay

deaf and dumb essay


deaf and dumb essaydeaf and dumb essaydeaf and dumb essaydeaf and dumb essay