As media studies coursework

Media Studies is taught at IT City Katrinebjerg , along with Information Studies and Digital Design. A number of IT and media companies are also located here. This is where you attend lessons and work on your projects. The buildings contain all the facilities you and your fellow students need to focus on the tasks you carry out in Media Studies. The IT City becomes your base during your Media Studies degree programme. There is an inspiring and unique environment, which is different from the rest of the university. A number of associations are also based at Katrinebjerg, which you can get involved in either as an active participant or as a user.

VCE Excellence and Awards

VCE Leadership Award - recognises the efforts of VCE students in promoting community involvement in their local school and wider community. Find out how you can enter the Award, and read about the monthly winners for the current VCE year

VCE Season of Excellence - an annual festival of works created by VCE students in technology, design, multimedia and the cinematic, visual and performing arts. Find out how you can take part in the Season, and where the current year's performances and exhibitions will be held.

Premier's VCE Awards - these awards are given to students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in the VCE.

As media studies coursework

as media studies coursework


as media studies courseworkas media studies courseworkas media studies courseworkas media studies coursework