Aqa biology synoptic essay

Contribution:  1/3 of the overall mark for the course.
This paper includes synoptic questions that draw on any of the topics in the specification as well as the core practicals studied throughout the course.

Note: Overall, a minimum of 20% of the marks across the three papers will be awarded for mathematics at Level 2 or above.

Science Practical Endorsement: In addition to the three written exams at the end of the course, the course offers a Science Practical Endorsement which is composed of 18 Core Practicals that are taught as part of the two year course. These are designed to allow students to learn a range of practical skills and apply key experimental techniques, thus developing both a conceptual and theoretical understanding of experimental methods. As such they also constitute a key element within the Paper 3 exam.

Unit 6 – Internal Assessment Investigative and practical skills in A2 Biology

Either NBIO6T Centre Marked Route T (50 raw marks/60 UMS)
Practical Skills Assessment (PSA – 6 raw marks)
Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA – 44 raw marks)

Or NBIO6X Externally Marked Route X (50 raw marks/60 UMS)
Practical Skills Verification (PSV – teacher verification)
Externally Marked Practical Assignment (EMPA – 50 raw marks)

10% of the total A-level marks

Available in June only

Aqa biology synoptic essay

aqa biology synoptic essay


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