Advertising dissertation example

Social networks (Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn) are not only changing the way that many people use the Internet, but they are also presenting marketing practitioners with new challenges when trying to reach and acquire customers online. At the same time, these social networks have their own challenges in trying to acquire and retain customers when many of the traditional principles of consumer behaviour no longer apply. As social networks become more popular, a marketing dissertation in this area would be up to date and in line with current trends.

Art has always been used in advertising, whether it be in physical mediums (paintings, drawings, etc.), or recorded media (films, photographs). How a society defines art, however, effects much of the art used in media. What art has made it’s way into the media, and why? What art has been successful in advertising, and what has failed? The choices that advertising makes in regards to artistic inclusion is an intriguing topic, and you’re likely to blow the minds of your readers by examining the effect of art, artistic meaning and artistic growth (or decay) in advertising campaigns.

Advertising dissertation example

advertising dissertation example


advertising dissertation exampleadvertising dissertation exampleadvertising dissertation exampleadvertising dissertation example